Our facility is open to everyone regardless of their shooting experience!
Qualified instructors will provide you with all essential training and ensure your safety throughout your visit.
For recreational shooters standard price list apply:

Ammo type:

1 rd

5,6 mm

1,50 zł

9x19 mm

3,00 zł

9x18 mm

3,00 zł

7.62x25 mm

2,50 zł

0.38 Special

3,00 zł

0.357 Magnum

3,50 zł

7.62x39 mm

4,50 zł

5,56x45 mm

4,50 zł

0.45 ACP

4,00 zł

7.62x54 mm

6,00 zł

0.44 Magnum

6,00 zł


7,00 zł

Handgun rental (per gun)

15,00 zł

Long Gun rental (per gun)

20,00 zł


2,00 zł

Individual classes

100,00 zł/h




Price List valid from 15.06.2021  All prices include VAT.
KRAKÓW VALLEY SHOOTING RANGE SP. z o.o. reserves the right to change pricing without notice.